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The Simulation is not working.

The Simulations in the courses listed below are licensed from an outside company (Kognito) and were created using different tools from most Hub courses, thus requiring a few different things. 

Courses with a Simulation: 

  • At-Risk: Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Role-Play (Elem, MS, and HS)

  • Building Respect: Bullying Prevention

  • Step In Speak Up! Supporting LGTBQ Youth

  • More may be added in the future

Find the option below that best describes your situation.

  • The Simulation will not load. It is important that your computer and browser are updated for the simulations to function properly. If you have not restarted your computer in awhile, please start by doing so. We also recommend that you use Google Chrome or update your current browser. Visit Kognito’s browser help page for further information. The Internet Explorer browser will not work for Kognito Simulations. Note: the simulations do not function properly on iPads, tablets, or cell phones. If you are using one of these devices you’ll either need to find another computer or choose a different course. 

  • Parts of the text or images are cut off. This means the Simulation is having a hard time trying to resize to match your screen size. 

    • First, collapse the Hub’s navigation drawer by clicking on the 3 lines (“pancake stack”) in the upper left corner.


    • If that doesn’t help, then you will need to zoom out. For Windows devices, hold down the Ctrl key and press the minus (-) key once. Repeat to keep zooming out. To zoom back in, hold down on the Ctrl key and press the plus (+) key. If you are on a Mac, use the Command (⌘) key instead of Ctrl. 

    • I do not have sound. Both the computer and Simulation audio settings can influence what you hear. First, check your computer’s audio to be sure it is turned up and set to the proper speakers. If you aren’t sure how to do so, see if you can listen to music or a YouTube video. Then, check the Simulation’s audio - click on the 3 lines (“pancake stack”) in the lower right corner of the Simulation and adjust the volume if necessary. 

    • Activity completion is not checking off. The solution to this depends on which version of the simulation you are using. Look at the icon next to the Simulation on the course homepage to determine what to do next.

      • If your image looks like a tipped over can, then you are on the old version of the simulation. Activity completion does not work for this version. Therefore, you need to download the Certificate of Completion at the end of the Simulation and submit it for “verification” in the next activity. 

      • If your image looks like a box, then you are in the new version of the simulation. Submit a help ticket if you have reached the end of the simulation but activity completion has not checked off. 

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