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Parts of the text or images are cut off.

This can happen if the system is having a hard time trying to resize the text, image, or video to match your screen size. Here are a couple of solutions to try:

  • First, collapse the Hub’s navigation drawer by clicking on the 3 lines (“pancake stack”) in the upper left corner.

  • If that doesn’t help, then you will need to zoom out. For Windows devices, hold down the Ctrl key and press the minus (-) key once. Repeat to keep zooming out. To zoom back in, hold down on the Ctrl key and press the plus (+) key. If you are on a Mac, use the Command () key instead of Ctrl.

If neither of those solutions help, please submit a help ticket. Let us know that you have tried both solutions without success and which activity you are seeing the error in.

Creation date: 7/22/2020 2:07 PM      Updated: 7/22/2020 2:20 PM