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Activity completion did not check off (Interactive Video or Course Presentation)

The reason activity completion is not checking off depends on the type of activity. This article describes what to   do for Interactive Videos and Course Presentations, as noted in the course by this icon: . If the activity completion is checked off but it did not record the correct score, please submit a help ticket to let us know. 

Interactive Videos

These activities are videos that pause at important points to ask you some questions about the content. If you answered the questions but the activity completion did not check off, one of three things could be happening: 

  • Did you answer the pop-up question(s) and click the corresponding "check" button?

  • If yes, did you see a submit screen at the end of the video and press the green "submit" button?

  • If you did not see the submit screen, click on the star on the timeline to bring it up and then press the "submit" button.

Course Presentations

A Course Presentation functions similar to a PowerPoint where you click through the slides. Like the Interactive Videos, the Course Presentations can also contain questions. A few things could be causing the activity completion to not check off: 

  • Once you have finished each question, be sure you click the Check button. 

  • If the Course Presentation contained an Interactive Video, be sure to click the Check button for each question and the Submit button at the end (see the section above for more details). 

  • Be sure to click all the way through to the summary slide, designated by a line and star.

Unlike Interactive Videos, this activity does not have a “Submit” button on the summary slide. Instead it shows your score for the questions you answered throughout. 

Creation date: 7/2/2020 8:24 AM      Updated: 3/1/2021 7:25 AM