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Where to find my grade (Forum and Others)

This self-help article is applicable for all graded activities, except for Assignments

You have two ways of viewing your grades:

  • Option 1: The Grades page is an easy way to view your overall scores for all activities, but depending on how the activity is graded you may or may not see the facilitator’s feedback comments here. Also, if a rubric or checklist is used then you will not be able to see the rubric/checklist from here.  

  • Option 2: Open Grader - This view shows full details, (grade, rubric/checklist, and feedback), but can be slightly more difficult to navigate until you are familiar with the interface. 

If the activity in question is graded with a rubric or checklist, then we recommend you use Option 2. Otherwise, choose the method you are most comfortable with. 

  • Option 1: The Grades page - First be sure the Navigation Drawer on the left is expanded. If not, click the pancake stack (three lines) to open it up. Then click on the Grades option. 

  • Option 2: Open Grader - From the course homepage, click on the gear button in the upper right corner and select “Open Grader” from the drop down list.


Then use the dark gray bar to switch to “full screen mode” or switch to the appropriate activity.

The Grading section shows your overall grade, click the button “view grading checklist” or “view grading rubric” to view the full details. 

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